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Collaboration & Conflict

When collaboration is difficult…

Supporting organizations, teams and leaders/professionals to deal with tense relationships, challenging situations and collaborative conflicts in a conscious, courageous and authentic way

the many faces of conflict

Conflict has many shapes, manifestations and levels of escalation. Often, we don’t acknowledge the first signals as an escalating conflict.

When conflicts are not addressed, they will automatically escalate, leading to difficult situations, a negative atmosphere, destructive dynamics and sometimes intractable conflicts.

Do you recognize these situations in your organization?

And most of all: how do you respond to them?

The ‘normal’ tension in collaboration

There is always tension in collaboration. Tension is energy, vitality and – when managed in a good way – creates dynamics that lead to change and growth.  

Maybe you want to make better use of the diversisity in your team or organization.

Or maybe you are a little cautious or worried when you see the following phenomena:

  • We want to become a self-steering organization, but it doesn’t really work and there is resistance
  • Despite the individual qualities of people, the collaboration as a team doesn’t work out as you hoped
  • Diversity is not really an added value, but rather it’s a ‘problem’ 
  • Organisational change results in negativity and people don’t go along

Tension and stuckness in collaboration

Open disputes confront you with visible tensions. And sometimes you feel there is hidden discontent and frustration below the surface… 

The following situations often occur:

  • During meetings people are silent, but at the coffee machine the talking starts
  • The atmosphere is heavy, but people behave politely
  • People don’t speak up and spare one another to keep the peace, but the tension is growing
  • The same heated discussions happen over and over again and people get irritated
  • Managers are constantly fighting fires and it doesn’t really help

Destructive conflicts that seem unsolvable

Escalated situations often turn into painful conflicts. The situation is stuck and people make each other’s lives miserable. 

Maybe you recognize this:

  • The conflict spreads out like a fire and people get sucked in the negative conflict spiral
  • Some people are a victim of mobbing or exclusion in a subtle or not so subtle way
  • Conflicts do not get resolved, despite all the efforts, and they result in a toxic atmosphere
  • The numbers of absenteeism, burn-out, and staff turn-over are alarmingly high
  • Disagreements and rows have a long history, and nobody really knows anymore what it’s all about


How do you respond in tense situations at work or when your team seems stuck?

Invest in your personal conflict resolution skills and develop a courageous and flexible attitude in the face of difficulties on the work floor.

Your response can make the difference.

conflict & relationship coaching

Coaching enables you to take a healthy distance from a conflict and to take time to reflect.

Explore what is happening, increase your awareness of your reaction to tension or threat and figure out how to respond.

Make new choices: what can I do to bring change to the conflict, and how do I want to be in this difficult situation? How can I have impact in difficult relationships?

Team training

Discuss the indiscussibles, clarify misunderstandings, build bridges, reconnect and heal (short term)

Gain insights in conflict resolution, develop powerful skills, invest in an open culture and build a productive work climate for the future (long term)

This process is an effective integration between training, team coaching and conflict mediation!

“Most people prefer the conflicts they know to the resolutions they cannot completely imagine.” 

(Ken Cloke)

My vision on conflict and conflict resolution

In order to bring oxygen in conflict, to bring movement in situations that seem stuck and to facilitate real change, there are a number of phases you have to go through: the building blocks of conflict resolution. 

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how can i be of service to you and your organization?

I work with leaders, managers, directors, as well as with professionals, such as HR professionals, prevention consultants, process facilitators, team coaches, mediatiors and consultants.

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Who is Silvia Prins

For 30 years I have been fascinated by group dynamics and related disiplines. Curious about the wondrous world of groups. The power and potential of strong groups is what drives me in my work.

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