Silvia Prins

Curiosity and resilience

I grew up in an international environment (European School). That’s probably why I have always been fascinated by cultural differences, languages and the dynamics of diversity.

Because of my interest in the world, I traveled extensively and worked abroad for a while (Italy, Iraq). I am comfortable in international/multilingual environments, can easily switch language and fluently speak 3 languages (English – Dutch – French). I also speak Italian and German.

There is so much potential!

At the age of 18 I had my first group dynamic experience: a retreat with all the students from the different language groups. I discovered a new world! I found out that working with a group was a real ‘profession’!

My fascination for groups led me, for more than 27 years now, on a path of discovery. Deeping and broadening my insights in the fabulous and intruiging world of groups. The power and potential of strong groups is what drives me in my work.

On the razor’s edge

During my career I came to the conclusion that collaboration always triggers some form of conflict. I discovered that the conflict perspective is an honest and effective framework to work with the self-evident tensions that arise in collaboration.

I look at conflicts as situations that require our explicit attention and that offer the organisation an opportunity for change and growth. My favourite domain is working in ‘messy situations’, on the razor’s edge. Because this is a place with a high potential for sustainable change.

Integral & holistic

Over the years I have integrated many relevant perspectives and now offer you an interesting mix of solid theoretical background, and many years of experience in organizations

My work is characterized by an integration of cognitive, emotional, somatic and collective intelligence, as a basis for sustainable change and profound development.

I love words

I’m a word person. Writing is like a second nature to me. I just love accurate quotes and inspiring stories. I’m good at translating difficult theories, so people in organisations can benefit from great insights.

I have been writing articles, papers, chapters and blogs for many years. I have published 3 books in Dutch (so far!) to inspire leaders, consultants and HR managers.



Silvia Prins

Silvia Prins

my education & Career in a nutshell

PhD in organizational psychology (KU Leuven) and  organizational consultant (International Professional Development Program, PRODEV)

Certified mediator in working relationships (Federal Mediation Commission of Belgium, since 2009)

Embodied facilitator & coach (EFC; Coaches Rising)

Certified Gestalt Practitioner in Organisations (EAGT)

Process consultant: Deep Democracy; Future Search; Theme Centered Interaction; Circle Dialogues

Lecturer (KU Leuven; Tilburg University; Group T University College; UCLL)

Trainer in many organizations

Professional coach (International Professional Development Program; BAO; Life Projects)

Clinical psychologist  (KU Leuven) & Gestalt therapist (IVC)