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Would you like to develop your conflict skills and work constructively with stuckness in collaboration, tensions in the undercurrent or open conflicts?

  • Are you looking for insights and tools to get a grip on difficult situations?
  • Would you like to learn how to prepare and facilitate courageous conversations with your employees or team/department/organization? 
  • Are you prepared to look at yourself and to take personal steps, as a condition to approach conflicts in your environment in a different way?

In that case our unique and personally adapted training offer might be just what you’re looking for!



Discover our offer on this page and click to the program or workshop of your interest.

If you have any questions about the programs or want something specific and tailor-made, please apply for a free introductory meeting.

Introductory workshop ‘Conflictology’

An online workshop to discover the fascinating world of collaborative conflict. Live if possible.

  • Discover your blocking assumptions about conflict and broaden your perspective
  • Become aware of your personal conflict style and the consequences and see new choices
  • Learn which personal conflict skills you can potentially develop further
  • Know the steps in conflict resolution and see more clear in the chaos of conflict

Half a day – can be organized for your organisation, department or team. 

Online open session: will be scheduled in autumn 2022

When collaboration is difficult… How to increase your impact in conflict

What are the learnings of this unique individual program?

You use new perspectives to observe groups, collaborative relationships and conflict, enabling you to recognize early warning signs of tension, and to proactively address difficult situations.

You understand the meaning of group dynamics that emerge in situations of tension and threat, so you can work with whatever is happening below the surface as a starting point for dialogue and developement.

You recognize your automatic pilot and personal patterns in situations of intensity and you are aware of what is happening on the mental, emotional and physical leven. You can manage yourself in stressful situations and intentionally make the shift from reactive to responsive behaviour.

You invest in an open, productive working climate by encouraging courageous conversations, creating opportunities to further develop conflict resolution skills on an individual and collective level as a basis for sustainable change and effective collaboration.

You communicate what is important for you in your role, and by advocating your personal mission and standing up for your values, you can make a difference in the professional relationstips that matter.

You experience choice in dealing with intense situations, and you can stay present in a calm and centered way, in situations of resistance, criticism, conflict and emotions. In doing so, you remain a trustworthy authority at all times, especially in difficult moments.

other options 

A tailor-made program or coaching

Every conflict situation is different, complex and unique. And so is every person!

Maybe you have a specific question or maybe you already have a lot of background in the domain of collaboration and conflict.

Whatever the reason, feel free to ask for a specific, tailor-made program: a one day online workshop just for yourself, a coaching trajectory of 6 months, an observation of your team, shadow coaching while you address a difficult situation in your department,…

There are many options!

Let’s talk about it.

seminars and workshops – themes

  • What is going on in my team: observing groups and sense making of group dynamics
  • Do we have a conflict or are we in the grip of the conflict: the fascinating world of collaborative conflict
  • Courageous conversations: let’s talk!
  • Embodied conflict resolution: from contraction to connection


in-company program – advantages and benefits

  • It is designed based on the specifc needs of your organization 
  • The format (time investment, frequency, online and/or live, duration of the program) can be adapted 
  • You work with easy to recognize situations based on your reality 
  • The participants can support each other in the daily application of the learnings (e.g. supported by peer coaching)
  • Because people share the same frameworks, transfer of the learnings to the job is more effective
  • The emerging collective insights during the program, can be an inspiration to start building a ‘conflict policy’
  • It is more cost-effective than open programs