Circles Academy


Would you like to develop your conflict skills and work constructively with stuckness in collaboration, tensions in the undercurrent or open conflicts?

  • Are you looking for insights and tools to get a grip on difficult situations?
  • Would you like to learn how to prepare and facilitate courageous conversations with your employees or team/department/organization? 
  • Are you prepared to look at yourself and to take personal steps, as a condition to approach conflicts in your environment in a different way?

In that case our unique and personally adapted training offer might be just what you’re looking for!



Discover our offer on this page and click to the program or workshop of your interest.

If you have any questions about the programs or want something specific and tailor-made, please apply for a free introductory meeting.

Introductory workshop ‘Conflictology’

An online workshop to discover the fascinating world of collaborative conflict. Live if possible.

  • Discover your blocking assumptions about conflict and broaden your perspective
  • Become aware of your personal conflict style and the consequences and see new choices
  • Learn which personal conflict skills you can potentially develop further
  • Know the steps in conflict resolution and create clarity in the chaos of conflict

Half a day – can be organized for your organisation, department or team. 

Team Training – ‘Courageous Conversation for Connection’

This developmental journey is a combination of training & team coaching.

The focus is on:

    • Build connection , expecially for new teams, merged teams, when taking a new start with a fresh leader, fragmented teams
    • Express, explore and appreciate the differences in the team as an addes value and deepening of collaboration
    • Address the process of collaboration as a starting point for clarification, adjustment and renewed commitment
    • Recognize the patterns in dealing with differences, tension and conflict in order to make new, conscious choices
    • Dare to engage in courageous conversations and put the difficult issues on the tabel in a safe space and based on mutual respect
    • Tie up loose ends from the past  and create space for the future
    • Strengthen conflict skills, both on an individual and a collective level and make use of the potential of your team
    • Invest in an open and productive team climate where direct communication and feedback are possible

4 half days – at your own pace 

Workshops & programs: some topics

We can develop tailor-made workshops or programs for your organization.

Topics include:

  • Team coaching and coaching teams: for leaders/professionals
  • When collaboration is difficult: working with conflict in teams and organizations
  • Working with group dynamics in the undercurrent in collaboration
  • Leading and facilitating with informed intuition: the self as an instrument of change
  • Self care for professionals
  • Role management for more effectiveness in professionals roles

In-Company programs and workshop – Advantages

  • It is designed based on the specifc needs of your organization
  • The format (time investment, frequency, online and/or live, duration of the program) can be adapted
  • You work with easy to recognize situations based on your reality
  • The participants can support each other in the daily application of the learnings (e.g. supported by peer coaching)
  • Because people share the same frameworks, transfer of the learnings is more effective
  • The collective learning can stimulate a new way of working with difficult collaboration and conflict: organizational culture; HR policy 
  • It is more cost-effective than open programs