For whom

Leaders and managers

I am a leader/manager and I am confronted with hidden conflicts or open fights in my team, department or organization.

I would like to create space for dialogue about difficult issues and invest in change and effective collaboration.

For boards of directors, management teams, people managers, leaders, coordinators and everyone who leads others. 


I am a professional and want to support leaders and teams in organizations in dealing with their conflicts.

How can I facilitate a constructive dialogue when there is conflict?

For internal and external HR professionals, prevention counselors, process facilitators, team coaches, mediators, consultants.

“We give our energy to reducing anxiety and pain by looking for a solution to the presenting problems without seeing the bigger map of the conflict itself.
We also tend to view the conflict as a series of challenges and failures – peaks and valleys – without a real sense of the underlying causes and forces in the conflict.”
(John Paul Lederach)