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what is going on in my team?! Sense making of group behaviour

  • The visible and invisible group: an introduction
  • Understanding group behaviour: characteristics and group dynamics
  • Observing a group: anchor points
  • From observation to hypothesis: what’s the next step?

2 day workshop


“Although most people are not aware of it, the invisible undercurrent of group dynamics can create a group effect that is more powerful than the sum of the parts, or it can destroy the group.”

(Manfred Kets de Vries)

“Most groups behave pleasantly when all goes well. However, even the nicest, most civil, generous group, when disturbed, will become a belligerent monster.”

(Arnold Mindel)

the fascinating world of collaborative conflict – Do we have a conflict or are we in the grip of the conflict?

  • Sources of conflict in organizations: a complexity perspective
  • Characteristics of conflicts
  • Conflict behaviour and escalation
  • When to do something and what can I do?

2 day workshop


courageous conversations: let’s talk about it!


  • Destructive and healthy conflicts
  • The conditions for a courageous conversation
  • Preparations: setting the scene
  • Facilitation and dealing with the unexpected

2 day workshop


“Ideally, conflict and differing perspectives, handled well and efficiently, should become a competitive asset – an engine for rapid learning and innovation.”

(Stone, Patton & Heen)

“(…) one of the reasons that aggression and conflict so quickly precipitate to violence is that we’re out of touch with our bodies. (…) When we’re out of touch with our bodies we can no longer feel.  When we can’t feel we’re unable to feel others, and all other life. When this occurs compassion is compromised and doing harm comes more easily to us. This anesthesia of feeling has now become an emotional plague that threatens our social and environmental fabric.”

(Richard Strozzi-Heckler)


Embodied conflict resolution – from contraction to connection


  • Conflict: the perception of threat and stress reactions
  • Consequences of contraction for our relationships and well-being
  • How to ‘be’ and act differently in conflict situations?
  • Self regulation: how to stay calm and clear-minded in situations of intensity?


 2 day workshop


Practical information

We will prepare the worshop together, to make sure it meets the needs of your organization and those of the participants (e.g. specific roles, background, challenges)

The workshops can be organized online or live

The maximum size of the group is 12 

The participants receive a hand-out with the presentation, reflective questions, invitations for experiments, references for further reading


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Apply for KMO subsidies after receiving our invoice. Then you have all the information.

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Target groups


I specifically work with:

  • HR managers and professionals 
  • Leaders and managers 
  • Teams