Constructive fighting

improve your Personal conflict mastery – an integral and holistic approach

Online personal development program

“(…) one of the reasons that aggression and conflict so quickly precipitate to violence is that we’re out of touch with our bodies. (…)  

When we’re out of touch with our bodies we can no longer feel. When we can’t feel we’re unable to feel others, and all other life. When this occurs, compassion is compromised and doing harm comes more easily to us.

This anesthesia of feeling has now become an emotional plague that threatens our social and environmental fabric.”

(Richard Strozzi-Heckler)

Fow whom is this program?

This program is for you if you…


  • Struggle with conflicts with colleagues, employees, leaders or with the management of your organization
  • Tend to get stuck in repetitive rows, toxic relationships, unspoken tensions or inextricable conflicts
  • Want to engage in courageous conversations with others in a calm, skillful and confident way 
  • Want to assert yourself and stand tall for what is important for you
  • Wish to discuss, improve or repair collaborative relationships.

 “Do you want to be right, or do you want contact with others?”

(Mariana Caplan)



“Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response In our response lies our growth and our freedom.”

(Victor Frankl)



Why this program?

In the workplace you will always be confronted with people who are different, who irritate or frustrate you and who will even bring out the worst in you. This results in tension, friction and hidden or escalated conflicts that cost a lot of energy.

Organizations increasingly expect their employees to take responsibility and to work in self-managing teams. When there are difficulties, they assume that people will talk about their differences, misunderstandings and frustrations in an adult way.

Unfortunately, most people have not learned to assert themselves in a clear and powerful way, without jeopardizing the relationship with the other person.

How to clarify misunderstandings, deal with differences of opinion and defuse irritations in a quick, careful and adequate way? How to start a courageous conversation with colleagues, employees or managers, based on what you need, with respect for the needs of the other?

All change starts with how you deal with a conflict situation!

What will you get out of this program?

You recognize your automatic pilot in conflict situations and discover what spontaneously happens – on the mental, emotional and physical level – when you feel threatened

You are attentive to your reactive impulses in situations that trigger you

You can ‘manage’ yourself in stressful situations and intentionally make the shift from action-reaction to conscious choice and response

You are capable to communicate your needs in a clear way, take a stand, draw boundaries, and thus have an impact on your environment

You keep a balance between empathy and healthy boundaries, to prevent energy leaks and to ensure that you don’t let yourself be contaminated by a toxic atmosphere or the negative emotions of others

You stand tall and are resilient when you are confronted with criticism, resistance and emotional incidents

You have the courage to be different and you can assert yourself, in connection with others

“Loosening body tightness will loosen the mind’s tightness.” 

(Tim Hicks)

“When you want to change an old pattern, discomfort is your biggest ally” 

(Jeffrey Kottler)

Structure of the program

Kick-off meeting: welcome, introduction, information

Intake: personal preparation

Module 1: Conflict literacy – an integral and holistic approach

Module 2: From disconnection to connection – the power of healthy conflicts 

Module 3: The power of consious presence – engage in constructive conflicts  

Module 4: Courage and resilience in conflicts – dealing with intensity 


Monthly Q&A sessions

Private LinkedIn Community for all your questions

Practical information

The program extends over a period of 3 to 5 months, depending on your agenda and pace.

All sessions are online (zoom).

Included in the participation fee:

  • The kick-off meeting (30 min)
  • Intake document
  • 4 individual online sessions of 1h30min
  • Personal coaching attuned to your specific needs, your context, and topics of interest
  • 4 videos introducting the topic of each module
  • 4 presentations
  • An introduction of the 6 personal practices (video)
  • Documents with reflective questions, invitations to experiment and applications in your context
  • References for further reading
  • Access to the private LinkedIn community for all your questions and extra information
  • Monthly Q&A sessions for all participants in our programs

For independents and SME’s: Circles for Connection is registered as provider of ‘trainings’ for KMO Portfolio. This means you can apply for subsidies for our programs if you fulfil the conditions.

Apply for KMO after reception of our invoice. Then you have all the information.

Registration number: DV.0229281

Do you have any questions? Please apply for a free introductory conversation!
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Starting dates

The program will be launched at the end of 2020/beginning of 2021.

The specific dates will be anounced in November 2020.

Q&A sessions

(The dates will be online in November 2020)

Deadline for registration

One week before the formal starting date

Participation fee

2.250,00 Euro (excl. btw.) or 1.575,00 Euro (excl. btw) with KMO-Portefolio