from conflict to constructive collaboration

welcome to the  fascinating world of conflictology

Introductory workshop

“Although most people are not aware of it, the invisible undercurrent of group dynamics can create a group effect that is more powerful than the sum of the parts, or it can destroy the group.”

(Manfred Kets de Vries)

for whom?

This brief workshop is for people managers and professionals who deal with lingering tensions, surprising and irrational group dynamics, and recurring incidents in their team, department or organization. For those who realize they have to do something about it.

Get introduced to the fascinating world of group dynamics that holds a treasure of insights for you. This perspective offers you practical frameworks and group methods to interve in a conflict with a focus on learning and development.

For people who wish to understand the specific logic of group behaviour and wish to take a closer look at their personal conflict resulution skills.

And also welcome with all your questions about conflict and collaboration!

Why this workshop? 

Collaborative conflicts cost a lot of negative energy and generate incredible human suffering. Many people are astonished to see what happens in conflicts and how to make sense of emotional outbursts, childish behaviour or ongoing negative habits.

Maybe you also wonder what to do and how to address difficult situations

Many of us have actually never learned how to constructively deal with differences of opinion, arguments, an undercurrent of tension or open fights.

Fortunately you can learn how to approach conflicts! Welcome to the programs of Circles Academy!

What do you get out of this workshop?

Discover the unspoken assumptions that may hinder you in conflicts and broaden your scope 

Become aware of your conflict behaviours and the consequences, so you can make new choices 

Get introduced to the personal conflict skills that make up your conflict ‘literacy’ and find out what you can further develop 

Know the steps of conflict resolution and bring structure and perspective in the chaos of conflicts 


Program of the workshop

Myths and misunderstandings about conflict

An introduction to collaborative conflict: patterns, cultures, life below the surface, specific scripts and group dynamics

Some helpful perspectives on conflict

Beyond the taboo of conflict: use the potential of difficult situations

Conflict ‘literacy’ and constructive fighting: a craft!

Conflictology: an integral and holistic approach


Practical information

I work with a small group to give space and personal attention to all participants and to have an interactive session.

Included in the participant fee: 

  • A document to prepare the workshop, allowing you to participate in a more focused way
  • The facilitation of the interactive workshop
  • The presentation of the workshop (will be sent to you afterwards)
  • The opportunity to ask your personal questions after the workshop
+32 (0) 486 14 86 33

Next workshop

Will be schedules in autumn 2022

From 9.30-12.30 (Brussels time: GMT +2.00)


Online: via the Zoom platform

Participant fee

95,00 Euro (excl. btw.)

In company

Also available for your organization – on request