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On this page you find the organizations I have worked with
You also find an overview of the trainings, programs and workshops I have facilitated for client organizations.

The training gives powerful insights about the undercurrent in each team, such as tensions, conflict and also the development of a team based on its power and strength. We often intuitively feel what is going on, but we seldom know how to work with it. 

As a passionate expert in this domain, Silvia weaves her experiences with practice and theory in her training. Theoretical insights are fluently connected with practical methods. This helps you to keep a finger on the pulse, name things and have the courage to take action in teams, both as a leader and an external coach. This is further enriched with strong personal insights as a team coach. 

An enriching experience for everyone who wants to get the most out of a team! 

Kim De Bock

Training managar , Schoenen Torfs

Projects in organizations 

Team coaching  – conflict resolution – group mediation – mediation 

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Silvia’s Masterclasses offer you the best of both worlds: they are a combination of non-ordinary inspiring theoretical frameworks and practical tools. A bonus is the apetite to take the learnings to your own context and to discover that you can do things differently. And then, on top of that, there’s the mirror offered by the group.

Team leadership is difficult and intensive and everybody struggles with it. The contribution of every member of the training group was very enriching.

Conculsion: highly recommended for those who want to make team development a priority. The result of my training trajectory is that I see my role as team leader in a different and more creative way. I have also become a little bit richer as a person.  

Paul Geypen

Managing Director, Ter Heide

In-Company Trainings

ACV Diversity consultants – Workshop ‘The power of mediation’ 
ACV Managers – Inspiration session ‘Team leadership in turbulent times’ 
ACV Management – Interactive lecture ‘Dealing with tension and conflict in organizations’
AGENTSCHAP ONDERNEMEN – Training platform coordinators ‘Facilitation of multi party collaboration’
ALLIANZ GLOBAL ASSISTANCE – Training ‘Team leadership: a craft’
ALUMNI NETWERK Coaching & Consultancy in Context (USBO) – Network event ‘Working in tense field – Containment of negative emotions and projections’
AVSG (School managers) – Inspiration day ‘Help Conflict!’
BAAK/Late Lane Academy – Lecture ‘Dealing with differences in organizations’
BAAK Belgium – Training ‘Leadership and authenticity’
BAAK Belgium – Training ‘Facilitation of Co-Creatieve Processes’
BAAK Belgium – Facilitation of Open Space conferences and try-out sessions ‘Co-creation and large scale interventions’
BAAK Belgium – Lecture ‘Magic and venom: how leaders can make a difference’
BAO Group – Inspiration session ‘The use of collective intelligence in a group: Theory U’ 
BELGACOM/PROXIMUS – 6-day training for counselors ‘Conflict mediation’ 
BEMIDDELING VZW- Inspiration session ‘Mediation, teams and group dynamics’ 
CIGO – Workshop ‘My theory of practice: the inspiriation of mediation in working with tensions and differences in teams and organizations’ 
COLRUYT – Inspiration session ‘The wondrous world of team coaching’ 
COLRUYT – Team developtment for internal consultants; facilitation of peer coaching sessions 
COLRUYT – Workshop ‘In my strength as a professional!’ 
CREATE (Netwerk European Researchers VITO) – Lecture ‘Key factors in effective communication in teams’
CREATIEF SCHRIJVEN VZW – Workshop ‘The creative power of a group: the group as driving force for the individual learning process’ 
ERNST & YOUNG – Workshop ‘The hidden dynamics of multi actor collaboration’
FARO – Masterclass for facilitators in the cultural heritage sector ‘A developmental approach to working with tension in the undercurrent of groups’ 
GGZ Vincent Van Gogh Venray (NL) – Workshop ‘Leading project teams and working with the undercurrent’
GOLAZO SPORTS – Training ‘Result oriented meetings’
GZA Hospitals – Seminar ‘Teams and change’
HRD Academy – Training ‘Team leadership: a craft’ (several groups)
HRD Academy – Training ‘Mediation for managers (several groups) 
HRD Academy – Training ‘Deep Democracy for leaders: use the wisdom of the group’ 
HUB/KAHO – Training ‘Mediation and leadership’ 
IDEWE – Training ‘Mediation in the force field of the organization’ & workshop ‘Team mediation: a craft’
INSEAD – Workshop ‘Coaching and Consultancy in a Multi-party Context’
INTERACTIEACADEMIE – Workshops ‘Mediation based work with differences in groups and teams’ 
KH LEUVEN/CVO – ‘Mediation and negotiation’ (several groups)
KHLIM – Workshop ‘Team leadership as a craft: working with group dynamics’
KIND & GEZIN – Training ‘The Self as an instrument of change and growth’ for internal process facilitators 
KRINGWINKELS Zuiderkempen – Training ‘Team mediation for coordinators’
KU Leuven Postgraduate Diversity Management – Workshop ‘Mediation and diversity’

KU Leuven Faculty of Psychology – Guest lectures Cultural Psychology ‘Diversity in organizations: the perspective of organizational psychology’ 
KU Leuven Faculty of Economy – Training ‘Building your team – team development and self management’ 
KU Leuven & UCLL – Post academic program ‘Social Mediation’  (2008-2018)
KU Leuven Faculty of Law conference ‘Beyond Medation’ – Presentation ‘Team Mediation: Reframing Conflict by Focusing on the Group Level’
LANDELIJKE KINDEROPVANG VZW – Training ‘Team leadership: a craft’  + group coaching
LANDELIJKE THUISZORG VZW – Training ‘Confrontation & connection’ 
LUCINA Permanent Education – Several workshops in the field of intervention skills, organizational development and facilitation of change processes  
MEDIV (Mediation Instituut Vlaanderen) – Trainer in the specialization course ‘Mediation in social affairs’ (2007-2017)
MEDIV (Mediation Instituut Vlaanderen) – Continuing education: ‘Multi party mediation’; ‘Mediation for managers’; ‘Team mediation’; ‘Creative and activating methods in mediation’; ‘Deep Democracy for mediators: workikng with opposition and conflict in groups’ 
MENSURA – Workshop for prevention counselors ‘Mediation in groups and teams’ 
OVSG – workshop ‘Dealing with difficult teams for process facilitators’ 
SIOO Systemweek – Workshop ‘Introduction to the system psyhodynamic perspective’ 
SPECTRUM – 3 master classes Group dynamics + team coaching of management team 
STEDELIJK ONDERWIJS ANTWERPEN – Training ‘Mediation for key persons in education’ 
THOMAS MORE – Workshop ‘Deep Democracy for studens and lecturers’ 
TRIAS – Training ‘From managing to leading empowered teams’
UCLL – Continuing education ‘Team mediation’; ‘Conflict in teams’
UCLL – Postgraduate ‘The method of mediation’ 
UNIA – Training ‘Professional action’ (FR/NL) – Facilitated peer coaching & supervision (FR/NL)
UNIVERSITY TILBURG – Workshops in the Master Organization Studies ‘Organizational Dynamics’ & ‘Organizational Development’
USBO (Utrecht School voor Bestuurs- en Organisatiekunde) – Workshop ‘The system psychodynamic perspective on multi party collaboration: design and facilitation of complex processes’  
USBO (Utrecht School voor Bestuurs- en Organisatiekunde) – Thematic session ‘Working with the system psychodynamic perspective: stories from the practice of a team coach and mediator’
VCLB Brussels – Training ‘Negotiation for CLB employees’
VCLB Leuven – Training ‘Negotiation and mediation for the  CLB employee’
VCLB Leuven – Masterclass ‘Teamwork and team coaching’
VDAB Spoor 21 – Program ‘Team coaching: a craft’ (for internal coaches of VDAB, VRT, Kind & Gezin en AGO)
VIN/VON Summer School – Workshop ‘Get the most out of your project team’
VLIR & HUB – Program ‘Facilitating multi-actor collaboration for sustainable resources management’ with Cycloop
VOCAP – Lecture ‘Mediation in organizations: a new profession?’ 
VOCAP – Lecture ‘Leadership in turbulent times: which insights from psychodynamics are inspiring?’
VOKA/PLATO – Workshop for SME managers ‘Dealing with conflict in organizations’ 
VRT – Lecture ‘Mediation in organisation: unknown, therefore unloved?’ 
VVBBCI (Vlaamse Vereniging voor Begeleiding en Bemiddeling in Complexe Investeringsprojecten) – Program ‘Facilitation and mediation’ & ‘Mediation in multi party contexts’
Wijkgezondheidscentra Gent – Workshop ‘Team leadership: a craft’

Silvia is passionate about her work and permeated by the topic. She will inspire you and finds a good balance between theory, sharing practical experiences and putting us to work. (…) Absolutely top class! Silvia says a lot of sensible things and has tons of experience. 

Participant in the training 'Dealing with team conflicts'

Your training on mediation has been very useful for me and your passion for your job stays with me. I often use many of your techniques in my daiy life, not only in the professional domain! It’s easier now to avoid pitfalls and I no longer consider each suggestion as a problem that I need to solve. And these are only a few of the examples that come to mind now. 

An integration officer